Cambridge Redevelopment Authority

Company Overview

In an effort to encourage sound growth and to revitalize urban areas that are substandard, decadent or blighted open space, the Massachusetts legislature developed an urban renewal program under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 121B. Municipalities are authorized to develop blighted areas for residential, recreational, educational, hospital, business, commercial, industrial or other purposes. Future development within these designated urban renewal areas must be undertaken in accordance with use limitations specified in approved urban renewal plans.

Chapter 121B places great importance on the achievement of socio-economic development such as the provision of jobs for the unemployed, the addition of tax revenue to overburdened communities and/or the construction of space for the expansion or siting of industry or business. Urban renewal projects help municipalities revitalize deteriorated areas by providing the economic environment needed to attract and support the private investment needed to achieve a balanced mix of housing, business and industry.

The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority is committed to implementing imaginative, creative initiatives to achieve social equity and a balanced economic ecosystem. We work in the public trust to bring a human dimension to development improving the quality of life for residents, businesses, employees, and visitors. Our goal is to balance economic vibrancy, housing, and open space to create sustainable communities through new and revitalized development. We are an independent, agile public authority bringing a unique set of redevelopment tools to work in close partnership with the City of Cambridge and other organizations.