Company Overview

Our Firm

Founded in 2006, R+A provides a range of consulting services that support healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities. Our work includes General Plans and comprehensive plans for cities and counties, corridor and downtown plans, zoning codes and design guidelines, health policy, climate action plans, social research, and program evaluation. Over the years, we have developed a national reputation for creating visionary and forward-looking plans, conducting authentic community engagement, incorporating health and equity into planning projects, promoting sustainable neighborhoods, and preparing plans that balance vision with market realities. In recognition of our approach, R+A wins awards for many of our projects and received the prestigious APA Award for National Emerging Planning and Design Firm of the year.

We have offices in Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Riverside, California. 

Our Mission

Working collaboratively with our clients, R+A harnesses our passion and expertise to foster healthy, equitable, and resilient communities through planning, urban design, applied research, authentic community engagement, and policy development.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone - regardless of race, income, gender and sexual orientation, religion, or immigration status - has the opportunity to live in healthy, safe, sustainable, and equitable communities.